kenya safari
kenya safari


Depart your hotel after breakfast and drive to venture into the interior and mingle with the locals. See the beautiful picturesque landscapes and farmlands. The Tour takes you to plantations of mango, banana, sisal and palm. Visit the Giriama village and witness the duty of the African woman - taking care of the house when men go to work. Know the living style of the Mijikenda people - education, heath and their administration - eating, social, health, religion etc. See the neem tree, believed to cure forty sicknesses. A Giriama traditional dance will entertain you before returning back to your Hotel. 


Depart your hotel after breakfast, drive to the Akamba Wood Carving Industry, watch them carve people and animals from wood and visit their show room for shopping. Visit the Hindu Temple where ladies and gentlemen pray in seperste halls. Visit the Elephant Tusks (Mombasa land mark), a metallic elephant tusk shaped marks constructed to commemorate Queen's assertion to the throne. Drive to view to Likoni Ferry channel where people and cars cross to south coast. Pass throw light house, golf couse, President's palace, Law courts, Treasury squre to Fort Jesus. Walk along the narrow streets of old town and visit Macknon market, the spice bazzar.


Depart your hotel after breakfast and drive north, visit the Gede Ruins of the golden era of themalindi tour Islamic culture. Malindi is thought to have been founded in the 10th century by the Arab traders. The Portuguese navigator Vasco da Gama landed ther in 1498 and erected Vasco da Gama pillar that still stands. Visit the Falconry where different birds of prey are seen and the adjacent snake park. Enjoy your lunch in a nice restaurant overlooking the Indian ocean. Explore the town of Mlindi for shopping and drive back to your hotel.


Depart your hotel eawasini islandrly morning and drive to cross the ferry. Proceed on your drive through cashewnuts, coconuts and sugarcane plantations. Pass the verdant villages of the Digo people to arrive to the small fishing village of Shimoni. Board a Swahili sailing boat, now motorized for flexibility and sail through an enchanting Seascape of Islets and reefs to marvels of the underwater world of Kisite. This is a great chance to snorkel with the Dolphins in the superb coral gardens. Enjoy a gargantuan Seafood Lunch on the ancient Island of Wasini while resting at this little haven. After lunch return to the jetty to catch your bus then drive back to your hotel. 


Depart your hotel for an evening romantic dhow that slips gently and a resident band play sof african music under the spell of the magic atmosphere. The dhow moor in a sheltered bay at the head of the creek where a four course sea food dinner is served in a romantic candle - lit under a star - filled sky. The bango band in full swing play a variety of popular african rhythms which have the majority dance on the main dock.




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