kenya safari
kenya safari


Depart your hotel for the Nairobi National Park covering an area of 117sq km. Explore a diversity of environments with characteristic fauna and flora. Open grasslands with scattered acacia bush predominant. Later visit the Animal Orphanage and drive back to your hotel.


Depart your hotel and drive for the city tour, Visit the City market located near the city center, visit the Parliament buildings dating from the 1930s. See the statue of Jomo Kenyatta, needlework tapestries showing Kenya's history - a mosaic of Kenyan tribes. Later visit the National Museum of Kenya, The last stop is at the Snake Park. Drive back to your hotel after the city tour.


Located also in the outskirts of the city, one kilometer from the animal orphanage and Nairobi National Park. You are treated to existing traditional music and dances, view traditions of different tribes ranging from Maasai's to the exhilarating Giriama and coastal dances. Sample traditional dishes from different tribes and get taste of Kenya's culture.


Depart your hotel and drive to the Giraffe centre, a creation of Kenyan conservation organization -the Africa Fund for endangered wildlife (AFEW) founded in 1978. You get the opportunity to come into close contact and feed these tall graceful animals. This can be combined with a look at Daisy Rothschild's home, Giraffe manner - one of Kenya's best known guest houses. Drive back to your hotel after the tour.




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